Arctic Coastal Walk

Come along on a guided walking tour along the shore, across sandy beaches with an amazing view! The special arctic light plays with your eyes, every day a new and different angle. Let the nature embrace you and breathe in the fresh sea air you will only find here in the north.

Lavvo adventure

Lavvo is a traditional Sami tent that the Sami have been used for over 2,000 years. Our lavvo are ideally suited for those who want a different experience in nature, almost regardless of the weather.

Mount Keiservarden

Come along and hike Mount Keiservarden, with a 360 degree panoramic view! From the top you can see all the way to Lofoten and into Saltfjellet and Svartisen National Park!

Northern light

There are many scientific ways to explain the Aurora activity, but to the locals the Northern Light is real magic! It’s a natural part of life and has been a vital source for mythology, legends and art for thousands of years.

Glacier Svartisen

Have you ever dreamed of being a polar explorer? Wander over large glaciers, feel the crunch under the cramp, see the crystals glitter in the sunlight when you put the ax fixed? Now you have the chance – with the starting point Bodø.

Aviation Museum

At the Norwegian Aviation Museum you can keep an eye on a real U2 aircraft, and you can wander around for hours among civilian and military constructions. With its 10,000 square meters, the museum offers great breadth and depth in its exhibitions. Here you will relive the history of da Vinci and the Wright brothers and all the way to today’s digital solutions

Bådin Brewery

Drink locally brewed beer in the city’s coolest lounge

Newton Flight Academy

Have you ever dreamed about to fly an airplane? Newton Flight Academy will fulfill your dream!

Tuvsjyen – Saltstraumen

At Tuvsjyen you experience the comfortable part of being in the Stone Age. In a pleasant atmosphere we will serve you the best of our ancestors menus. Inside our Stone Age houses we will take you back in time and give you an inside look on how people lived in Saltstraumen 10 000 years ago.

Kjerringøy old trading post

At Kjerringøy Old Trading Post, known from several Hamsun films, you are in the middle of the kingdom where Northern Norway’s richest man, yacht owner and merchant Erasmus Zahl ruled in the 19th century.