Lavvo adventure

Lavvo is a traditional Sami tent that the Sami have been used for over 2,000 years. Our lavvo are ideally suited for those who want a different experience in nature, almost regardless of the weather.

600 under one roof

Why dine at a typical, classic, and traditional restaurant with a high emphasis on formal attire when you can enjoy a better meal in our lavvo, where we guarantee a relaxed dress code in a very cozy atmosphere? Our lavvos are perfect for dinners during conferences, company parties, kick-offs, and other festive events.


We have a well-tested concept that we know works. Imagine a live fire, candlelight, and kerosene lamps where the chef prepares the food directly on the fire. Combined with a troubadour and a Pop Quiz, we guarantee that the mood will be high!

We have several lavvos that we can combine to accommodate up to 600 people under the same roof.