Tuvsjyen – Saltstraumen

At Tuvsjyen you experience the comfortable part of being in the Stone Age. In a pleasant atmosphere we will serve you the best of our ancestors menus. Inside our Stone Age houses we will take you back in time and give you an inside look on how people lived in Saltstraumen 10 000 years ago.

Travel to the Stone Age

We prepare your main course in a cooking pit. This means that we cook the food underground with hot stones as the only heating element. The food is well wrapped and we will open the cooking pit as you are watching.

Our most popular menu is:

  • A Stone Age tea made of berries, honey and herbs. We serve it in sea shells.
  • Starter: A freshly baked loaf of Stone Age wheat filled with salted and dried whale meat, salad and berries.
  • Main course: Leg of reindeer and root vegetables from the cooking pit. Served with mushroom stew, spelt/dinkel and lingon- berries.
  • Dessert: Raspberry Sorbet made with birch sap.

We all have rights when it comes to different types of drink.

In our Stone Age restaurant the size of the group has to be 15 pcs or more for the menu prices to apply. If your group is less than 15 pcs, the menu prices will differ unless we can combine with other bookings/ assignments.

We also have different activities such as longbow, ax throwing and stone oven baking.