About us

Stella Polaris AS is a regional DMC, and we make your Arctic Adventure happen!

Torbjørn Engen and Knut Westvig established Stella Polaris AS in 1990. From a small-scale beginning to five full time employees today, we are a regional DMC specializing in Arctic adventures year round. Stella Polaris delivers activities to both the individual guest and groups, and a wide range of partners in the region makes everything possible! All activities are tailor made to fit your needs, including meals, team building and transportation.

Our sales team participate in workshops and sales exhibits to promote our amazing region, and we are involved in numerous projects within the cruise, MICE and FIT segments. Our goal is to deliver Real Arctic Adventures to our guests!

The crew


Bodø is labeled as a sustainable destination, this labeling scheme is a management system for a destination to work as sustainably as possible.

SUSTAINABILITY is about taking responsibility and taking into account the needs of those living today in such a way that the needs of future generations will also be met. 10 principles have been drawn up for sustainable tourism, based on the UN’s sustainability goals.

The ten principles are divided into three categories: – Preservation of nature, culture and environment – Strengthening of social values ​​- Economic viability. Stella Polaris AS evaluates all its activities against these ten principles in order to take care of nature, culture and the people around us both today and in the future!

Conservation of nature, culture and environment.

1. Cultural wealth

Through carrying out our own activities such as various variables of historical Walks, the local community’s historical cultural heritage, authentic culture, tradition and distinctive features are highlighted.

2. Natural diversity

Through our regulated and careful behavior on water and on land, we help preserve landscape quality so that its physical and visual integrity does not deteriorate.

3. Climate emissions and climate adaptation

Despite partially motorized activity, we strive to support the conservation of natural areas, wildlife and habitats, and minimize their destruction. The company always requests the latest motor technology as an energy-saving measure.

4. Clean environment and resource efficiency

We follow procedures to minimize pollution and noise, and routines for behaviour, but waste management ensures as far as possible the consumption of non-renewable resources

Strengthening social values ​​(goals no. 5-8)

In all years, we have worked closely with the member organization Visit Bodø and a wide range of other players to develop and strengthen local tourism. We have played a central role in several development projects and networks with the aim of retaining local control and commitment and have gradually acquired a good knowledge of this.

It is important to us that our permanent employees (including hired labour) have good pay and working conditions.

Through many years of experience with guests from all countries, with and without disabilities, we have learned that our tours often provide added value for the individual guest.

Financial viability (goals no. 9-10)

By delivering and further developing activities and experiences, we have built up economic viability for our own part, but also contributed to the economic development of others through the extensive purchase of services, it is enshrined in our strategies that we shall contribute to continued economic development of our partners