Kjerringøy old trading post

At Kjerringøy Old Trading Post, known from several Hamsun films, you are in the middle of the kingdom where Northern Norway’s richest man, yacht owner and merchant Erasmus Zahl ruled in the 19th century.

Sea safari to Kjerringøy

Cast off and steer straight into the heart of North Norwegian history. You now have the chance of walking along the same trails as Knut Hamsun once did. You get to see the alpine coastal landscape that inspired him to write classics such as ”Svermere”, ”Pan” and ”Rosa”. When you debark at Kjerringøy, one of Norway´s best preserved trading points; you take a step into timeless belonging. At this place your soul will find room for reflection, and the fantasy will walk barefoot along white sandy beaches.

A travel to Kjerringøy is also a journey to past times. You will get an insight into how the modern coastal Norway evolved, and visit the farm “Kjerringøy Gård” and the organic farm café “Markens Grøde”. Enjoy a taste of the locally produced beer and cured meats. Test the awarded cheese “Rød Kjerringøy” that waters both mouth and eyes of celebrity chef Arne Brimi.

At Kjerringøy Old Trading Center you find yourself in the middle of the kingdom where the richest man in North Norway in the 19th century, Erasmus Zahl, ruled. A beautiful slideshow put you in the right mood before our guides give you an engaging introduction into why the island Kjerringøy is so central to Norwegian history.

The visit finishes of with an amazing dinner with all what the sea may provide at the hotel at Kjerringøy. After dinner we take you back to Bodø by bus or RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats). On your way back, you can enjoy the sight of the Wall of Lofoten arising from the western horizon.