RIB-Safari to Saltstraumen

Join us on a trip to the world´s strongest whirlpool! If you want an experience unlike anything else you have experienced, a trip to Saltstraumen with one of our Zodiac. It is an experience of a lifetime! You are taken through a unique alpine coastal landscape, and here, just outside of Bodø, your senses will be bombarded with impressions.

The power of nature

You cannot pay Bodø a visit without experiencing Saltstraumen, the most powerful maelstrom in the world. We take you straight into the adventure where the sea eagles hatch and the food is served exactly as it was being served 13.000 years ago.

With our RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) we make sure that you have a quick, safe and spectacular trip within a North Norwegian coastal landscape that can put a stopper to breath even to the most blasé person. Come join us in a nature where the light is constantly changing, constantly fascinating. Experience a drizzling birdlife with cormorant and sea eagles. The magnificent sea eagles hatch on the steep and unavailable cliffs of Sundstraumen, which lies next to Saltstraumen. We will take you as close as we possibly can, and there will be great opportunities to see the eagle in its nest. To be able to understand how unique this is, you have to experience it.

After the visit in Sundstraumen, we will take you to the most powerful maelstrom in the world. 400 million cubic meter of water are pushing its way through a three kilometer long and 150 meter wide inlet. The water here forms whirlpools that can be up to 10 meters wide and 5 meters deep. We`ll take you straight into this world attraction! As close as possible, but always making sure that safety comes first.

After the amazing experience in Saltstraumen, you will debark at Tuvsjyen where you will be served an aperitif while awaiting a remarkable experience of food and culture. This was the place the first immigrants to Norway settled – 13.000 years ago when the glacier started to withdraw. At this historical site you will also be served historical food prepared in the glowing rocks from the fire pit. We may cook local fresh fish, local game (reindeer) and lamb. To go with this, you will be served Stone Age-bread, mushrooms, root vegetables, fresh herbs, berries and nuts. A truly remarkable meal. On top of this, the storyteller will describe how our forefathers lived. At the end of this whole evening we will take you back to Bodø.